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Decking is becoming extremely popular in modern homes: they offer an outside respite, and they can be particularly relaxing if they overlook any sort of natural scenery, skylines, or perhaps a peaceful country view. Another plus, which benefits many homeowners, is that the right decking ideas will increase the value of your home, as they are seen as an attractive accessory. Decks often hold lounge chairs and tables for outside gatherings, are lined with beautiful plants, and are generally a nice place to be. They can be integrated into any backyard or garden as a great spot for outdoor family gatherings or a few drinks with friends and neighbours in the hazy summer evenings.

Now, building decking is no easy task. It takes an idea, planning, sketching, and lots of consideration. Many homeowners may even want to consult a professional, or hire a company to build the deck itself but before you get started, you’ll want to explore and take a closer look at the area you’re considering. Imagine the possibilities in your head, and analyse which designs work, and which ones don’t. Perhaps you could even consult the Internet and look at creative ideas.

A lot of thought needs to be put into the right garden decking ideas, as there are many factors that can affect it. For example, during what time of day will the sun shine on it, if at all? What surface do you want (grass, wood, patio-style, etc.)? How close will it be to the house, or will it be attached to the house? Will it be on the ground, or on the second floor (in which case rails, a strong support system, and perhaps a staircase are integral to the design)? What type of deck design will contribute most to the value of home? Which design will work best for you?

Planning Your Perfect Decking Design

After all of these questions have been answered, you could start making some rough sketches about what you want it to look like—either from a ground view, or possibly a bird’s eye view depending how artistic you are feeling Taking measurements would help with accuracy and precision, and these could be shown to any professional builder if you decide to go that route.

There are many options to consider once you have some good decking ideas in mind. What type of material do you want to make up your deck? Will it be a stone patio? Will be it made out of plain or ridged wooden boards—and at that, soft or hardwood? Will the wood form some sort of design? Does the deck offer any sort of unique shade, great views, or protection from extreme weather? Do you plan to put flowers around it? Are there any pathways from the house to the deck, or from the decking to the yard or garden?

Decking Materials

There are five materials that are the most popular today in decking designs

  • The first one is cedar wood: it is soft and looks great, although its one downfall is that it is occasionally weak in the face of rain, hail, and other extreme moist weather.
  • Tigerwood however, offers a more durable service. From the African and Brazilian rainforests, it is made of both light and dark colours (similar to the stripes of tiger, from which it gets its name). Tigerwood may occasionally be more expensive than the typical wood.
  • Homeowners can also use pinewood that has been pressure-treated: in this wood are forced chemicals that help the material resist wearing away by insects and natural rotting. Because of these chemicals (usually made of copper and zinc), the wood may be more prone to twisting however this can easily be helped by sealing and staining.
  • Ipe wood also comes from the Brazilian rainforest and, like tigerwood, it is durable. It typically has a dark hue, and is just as expensive as tigerwood.
  • Redwood, similar to cedar, is soft and may take damage from moist weather, such as hail, snow, and rain. Due to the fact that redwood trees may take hundreds of years to grow properly, the wood itself is not sustainable and easily replaceable, and may come at a hefty price.

Of course, there are many more materials out of which a homeowner can use in their decking ideas, but these are definitely some of the most common and popular ones that look great and endure reasonably well.

Many homeowners decide to go with composite materials, which use plastic and wood glued together; composites are appealing in a time when many companies and homeowners are trying to be environmentally friendly and “green.” Composites do not splinter or snap like wood might, and it is the same colour and texture, or indeed you can even go for a patterned/coloured design. However, composite materials may easily be stained, can reach burning temperatures in high heats, is not recyclable, and may deteriorate rapidly (which is why many companies issue warranties). However, anyone that does decide to choose composite materials should keep some ideas in mind: composites do get extremely hot, they are more slippery than wood if a smooth finish is chosen, some of them can get quite expensive, a warranty is always worth it. That said, they are rather maintenance free other than a good clean with a pressure hose now and again.


Also, no matter what decking ideas you end up going with, it would be wise to install a drainage system, so rainwater does not accumulate on the deck surface. These drains can be fed to the first level (if your deck is raised); otherwise, many specialists recommending investing in a drainage system that will reside underneath the deck, so that you have more space above ground and any unsightly plumbing is out of sight. Though obviously there must be some section that feeds the water to this underground location.

Decks can get complicated sometimes, but they remain an amazing addition to any home. Whether you are looking for a quiet space to relax, or an area to gather family during a party, decking is a great choice. Clearly there are many considerations and options that any homeowner will face, and many decisions must be made, but it will all be worth it in the end when you’re sitting and relaxing in your garden ideal.

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