Why Are Cedar Decking Designs So Popular?

cedar decking

You’d be hard-pressed to find a homeowner that hasn’t at some point wanted to install cedar decking around the exterior of their home. Widely regarded as the most perfect all-natural material for decks, cedar decking has been at the top of the industry for decades and decades because of its relatively low cost, amazing reliability and durability standards, ease of installation, and just outright good looks. There’s something about that deep and rich red hue that just screams class and elegance, especially when it has been perfectly and properly maintained.

Literally millions of architects, exterior designers, the landscape artists, deck installation specialists, and even homeowners themselves have been using cedar decking to pull off some of the most truly innovative deck designs the world has seen – and odds are that you’re going to make a similar choice quite soon.

Elegant and Classy Cedar Decking

As stated above, people are inherently drawn to the rich red hues of cedar – driving the cedar wood and decking industries through the roof. People just can’t get enough of this all-natural solution, which can range from light straw red colours, pinkish colours reminiscent of sunsets, and a deep and dark brown and red colour that is simply to die for.

Of course, you’ll need to ensure that the cedar has been treated and sealed properly before it is used as decking, in order to ensure that you can enjoy these kind of colours and hues for years and years to come. If left unattended or untreated for any amount of time outside and exposed to the elements, it will weather into a silvery colour which whilst is quite attractive in itself, it’s probably not that deep red hue you where looking for.

The perfect complement to many colour pallets used over the exterior of our homes – and especially when sitting on a vivid red cedar deck contrasted by the lush green lawn – this decking material just screams class and elegance even though it’s actually not terribly expensive.

red cedar wood deck

It’s Not as Expensive As You May Think

This might be the most impressive feature of cedar decking, although it certainly wasn’t always the case. There was a time when cedar in any quantity was tremendously expensive, which is why you find it in so many older luxury homes owned and designed by many of the world’s most wealthy people.

Of course, with the nature of import/export bringing in more and more exotic hardwoods to compete with local cedar, the price has become much more reasonable, and with modern innovations people can use almost all of the cedar tree in the production of decking materials or other wood resource products.

Durable and Maintenance Friendly

While cedar is world renowned for its natural ability to resist infection from fungi, bacteria, insects, and any other nasty little elements that feed on trees. You’ll want to make sure that your cedar decking is treated correctly by your deck installers to maintain its natural strength and looks.

Sure, mother nature has provided a fantastic solution in all-natural cedar, but modern research and science has given us some incredible innovations when it comes to making sure that this product looks exactly as it did the day it was installed, even decades later. There are of course a lot of other wood types that hold up this well with minimal attention, but cedar is the lazy man’s ideal decking material because of the elimination of those long and tedious maintenance routines and its classic red hue.

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