Designing and Installing Proper Decking Balustrade

decking balustrade at sunset

While it can certainly be a lot of fun to think about the overall footprint and look of your new deck, the fact of the matter is that without installing the right decking balustrade you could be exposing your structure to shifting and warping, as well as putting you and other deck users in danger of physical harm.

Often one of the most overlooked components of proper deck design is deciding upon which type of material and installation method you’re going to use for the deck railings and all of their components. The materials that make up your decking balustrade is something that you should spend a considerable amount of time trying to work out on your own or with the help of trained professionals. This is a much more critical area than most people readily assume, as they have been led to believe (either through experience or from people who just don’t know any better) that the deck railings are little more than safety features or conveniences for people who are using the deck. However, nothing could be further from the truth.

The Underlying Duties of Proper Decking Balustrade

While this specific deck feature has a number of roles that it plays effectively, the one that most people overlook or don’t acknowledge is that it provides a structural strength and support for many of the other deck components and pieces. Properly installed deck railings can help stiffen and strengthen your new deck, something that is absolutely essential when we’re talking about natural materials like wood that have a tendency to flex and warp depending in the more moisture heavy environments such as the UK.

corner photo of wooden deck railingsKeeping your deck looking brand-new – as well as 100% safe and sound – should be high on your list, and something that you’ll only be able to achieve with properly installed and implemented decking balustrade.

Simple Tips for Spicing up Your Deck

Now, that being said, this doesn’t mean that you can’t add a bit of spice and eye appeal to your deck aesthetic just by choosing different or contrasting materials.

Thankfully, properly installed decking balustrade doesn’t have to be just the age old vertical strips that most people are used to seeing. In fact, more and more composite materials are being released that are structurally strong but also have a truly unique design aesthetic to them, giving your deck the necessary pop of visual appeal that you were hoping for. These options come in a range of different materials, ranging from strong synthetics and plastics all the way to wrought iron and other metals which make simply stunning  balustrades.

Though of course most people opt for a wood deck, and whilst this can be stained a variety of colours personally i like to let the natural wood shine through and one of our favourite decking designs features inlaid wooden leaves, or perhaps you prefer cut out sections of the deck into which you can fit attractive up-lights, planters or for the extravagant water features and even full ponds. Top your water feature or pond off with a solid glass cover and you can literally walk on water! Well almost, but it is certainly an attractive look. Or for the smaller garden, try these tips here.

Obviously, you’ll want to work closely with your deck installation specialists to choose the right feature for you, but it’s important to understand that you have a number of options out there and not just the plain-vanilla look that so many people opt for.

Correct Installation is Essential

This is another overlooked detail of the entire deck project, simply because we are naturally drawn to the look and feel  of the finished product rather than the subtle details that really tie something together. After all, you can have the greatest looking deck ever but if your balustrade is wonky then it can spoil all of your hard work.

In fact, you know that you are working with a truly high-end solution and deck installation service when the craftsmen spend a considerable amount of time perfecting your railing systems – as this is a dead give-away that they understand the importance of the little details. You should never accept a wonky looking balustrade or one that doesn’t feel as if it could hold your weight should you lean against it! However, spending a lot of time on the railing systems could also tell you that they don’t have a clue as to what they are doing – but i dare say that by the time they reach this component of the decking system you’ll probably already have a good feel for their competency levels!

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