The Beauty of Oak Decking

Oak decking

Anyone looking to upgrade the exterior of their property or home is going to find that there are not only an endless amount of design options and projects to undertake, and possibly even more materials to choose from too. This makes tackling even something as simple and straightforward as a deck renovation project quite difficult to pull together, unless of course you decide that nothing but the very best will do – and opt for oak decking as your construction material of choice.

Widely regarded as may be the most attractive and luxurious of all the hardwoods – even consistently outranking those more exotic woods like ebony, purple heart wood and balau wood – oak just has that sturdy, strong, and highly refined and elegant appearance that is quintessentially English. Yes, there are a number of other fine options in the decking world – including a lot of synthetics that have just recently flooded the market – but nothing beats oak decking in my opinion.

Of Structural Stability & the Beauty of Oak

Many people (correctly) assume that oak wood is one of the more difficult woods to work in, and you’d be hard-pressed to find anyone that would disagree. The cause of the unique cellular structure of the oak tree is, as it grows, the wood fibres become increasingly compressed into tight concentric circles to the point where the wood is almost stone like in strength. For example, they rest massive ships up on oak blocks when in dry dock which is a fairly impressive show of strength in itself.  Of course it requires not only the right tools to work with oak decking, but also the steady patience and knowledgeable eye of a skilled craftsman to know exactly what is going to be required of making the most out of this material.

And while this will add a little bit to the bottom line of your final price for the new deck, all that incredible strength will serve you well in creating a deck that is infinitely stable and secure for literally generations to come, presuming of course the proper maintenance and upkeep. This can give you the peace of mind of tackling truly gigantic decking projects, knowing that you’re always going to have the kind of stability you’re looking for it.

It Weathers Extremely Well

Oak decking in particular is tremendously dense, rejecting water, mold, and other issues that lesser woods and decking materials would succumb to. The other reason that the cellular structure of oak makes this a perfect solution for decking material is because of the impact intensity of these fibers, a density so great that it rejects water, mold, and insects almost like a force field or natural body armor.

Obviously, you’ll want to make sure that your oak decking has been stained, finished, and sealed rapidly – but it certainly doesn’t hurt knowing that even if you’re not able to get these jobs done in time, your oak decking will still hold up its end of the bargain until you find the time.

Catching Ones Eye

Truth be told, there are people who choose oak decking for the reasons listed above – but the overwhelming majority of them simply select oak decking because it looks absolutely jaw-dropping when properly installed and finished. With a gorgeous green pattern regardless of whether it’s been cross sawn or not, you’re sure to be the envy of the neighbourhood the moment that your new oak deck is finally completed. Combined with all of the other benefits above, this is an ideal solution for many and the perfect way to while away those summer evenings.

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