Is Raised Decking Suitable for Your Property?

Raised decking view

There isn’t anything quite like spending a nice warm summer afternoon on your very own deck, your favourite beverage in hand and someone you care about sitting right by your side. Unless, of course, you’re sitting on a raised deck – for the extravagant, one that juts out from your master bedroom, perhaps? Imagine waking up and stepping out onto your decking and being able to survey your kingdom… well garden, but we can dream! Raised decking designs have quickly become one of the most popular design elements to have swept the nation in the last few years

Decking solutions of all kinds have been around for literally centuries, helping us to convert underused or under leveraged exterior spaces into useful parts of our homes, adding value to our properties not only in terms of money but also in enjoyment. However, most of the decks throughout time have been single-story solutions that sit right on the ground, and they served us pretty well throughout human history.

But man is always looking to innovate in whatever ways that they can, and just as we saw cities continue to go up and up rather than out and out we are now seeing decks mimic the same design aesthetic. Multilevel decks have become one of the more commonplace features of new home projects for renovation overhauls, with raised decking designs dominating in ways that most people probably didn’t see coming.

Is your home suited to raised decking ideas?

Of course, there are numerous considerations to take into account, however one of the biggest and most obvious is  whether you have any limitations that may prevent this kind of exterior space to be added to your property.

raised decking with stepsThe first thing that you’re going to want to check and verify with your local council if you will require planning permission. Here in the UK, decking under 30cm in height and taking up less than 50% of the garden space does not currently require planning permission. However anything over this height and you need to check with your council offices before you begin to move forward with any raised decking designs, an issue that shouldn’t be too much of a problem for most but could turn into a very serious legal situation should you fail to adhere to any planning requirements. We cannot stress enough that you should not move forward with raised designs until you understand that it is 100% legal in your area and meets any requirements – it’s just not worth the headaches, frustration, and extra money you’ll have to spend in legal fees (or tearing down your beautiful new deck) in the future.

Should you get the go-ahead from the planning people, it’s then time to turn your eye to the physical aspects of your property as well as the exterior elements on your home.

Physical Limitations

Taking a look at the landscape in general where you want to build your raised decking is going to be the first place you’ll want to start, looking specifically for the ground type as well as any landscape elements or trees and roots that would hinder your ability to place a deck exactly where you want. Take into account the fact that levelling off the ground and driving foundation pillars can add considerably to the cost of a decking project, especially if you’re not working with relatively level spaces or ground material that isn’t conducive to a foundation in the first place. Again, for decking over 30cm in height we suggest you seek the advice of a professional builder if you are unsure.

From there, you want to make sure that any of the exterior elements of your home will not get in the way of your raised decking or that you are willing to remove, relocate, or adapt your design accordingly. This could include anything from windows and doors all the way to roof lines, drainage, and a whole host of other options that need to be accounted for – but a professional deck and design expert will give you all of the necessary insight and knowledge you need if you’re not feeling up the task yourself.

All in all, this is a relatively simple and straightforward process, and having the ability to walk out from your second-story master bedroom onto a raised decking solution and oversee your own little chunk of land and the neighbourhood is an experience that everyone should be able to enjoy.

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