Three Decking Ideas for Small Gardens

decking ideas for small gardens

One of the more exciting things about decks and exterior spaces in general is that you are able to reclaim some of your unused or underutilised exterior space and create a real harmonious area that blends inside and outside spaces perfectly. Nowhere is this more apparent than when you implement decking designs and ideas specifically for smaller gardens, helping you to best combine Mother Nature and man-made elements to near perfection.

Obviously, not everyone is a decking expert or capable of pulling out fantastic decking ideas for small gardens from the ether – but with the following three ideas and a little bit of creativity you don’t have to be. Not only will you be able to implement almost all of these choices all on your own – with just a little bit of knowledge and some dedicated tools – but they are relatively inexpensive and can produce truly world class results.

#1 Inset Grow Boxes for Herbs or Small Flowers

Chances are that you’ve seen these kind of deck additions in the past, growing boxes that are physically attached to a deck or even inset into the deck itself. These allow for small plants like herbs or flowers to grow without having to be connected to the ground.

This project is incredibly straightforward and ridiculously simple to pull off all on your own – especially if you are even in the slightest bit handy. All you really need is a chop saw, enough wood material to create your wooden planter box, some potting soil (and fertilizer), a drill and some nails, and you should be good to go. However if you plan on insetting the box into the actual deck itself, you might want to seek the help of an expert if you don’t feel up to it yourself as it will involve accurately measuring and physically cutting into the deck itself.

You’ll want to start just by constructing the planter box out of five pieces of wood (4 for the sides and one for the bottom) while drilling small holes in the bottom. This allows water that wasn’t retained by the soil to seep out in order to prevent rot before it even gets a chance to take hold. And then it’s as simple of a step as fastening the new box to your hand railing or balustrade with screws and proper fasteners for the weight (your local hardware store can help you here) and you’re good to go.

#2 Tool chest/Bench Seating

As every gardener will quickly tell you, one of the biggest frustrations is not having instant access to all of your tools and equipment close at hand when you are tending to your plot. Luckily, this simple process eliminates that issue from ever rearing its ugly head again with a dual function tool chest and bench seating area that is amazingly simple to put together. Or as always, for the less DIY gifted they’re reasonably cheap to purchase from your local garden centre or carpenter.

These bench boxes as I like to call them make a great addition to any decking design and all you really need is enough lumber and nails for the general frame. Of course you will need to take measurements to decide just how much room you’ll need for tools as well as the proper height for comfortable sitting, and then a bit of craftsmanship to put a four sided box together. Fastening a lid to the top with brass hinges is simple and straightforward as well, and then all you need to do is cover it with your favourite cushions and you’ll be all set.

#3 Integrating Lighting Into Your Stairs

It’s not uncommon for gardeners to quickly lose track of time while out enjoying their favourite hobby, only relying on the amount of light they have to work with to give them a rough idea. Of course, this means that many gardeners will be out right around dark or dusk trying to get in as much work as they can – making navigating steps to raised areas of decking a bit of an issue. Not to mention those of us who enjoy the occasional tipple out on our decking in the evening!

Luckily, with just a LED light string that you can purchase from any automotive store you can quickly install understand lighting that helps you better navigate your deck when the sun dips. This is a great little decking idea for small gardens as it takes up next to no space and also adds a bit of visual style as well, helping you to crank up the aesthetic value without having to spend a bucket of money, in fact you can get these LED light strings from as little as a tenner and they really do add a sparkle to any evening garden. We would however suggest not to go overboard with the lighting, after all the aim is subtle lighting and not to make ones garden visible from outer space!

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